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A new age music album to discover the natural state of your mind. Streaming now on below stores. Below are Ireland and UK store links.[…]


The Dragonfly

10 STRIKING FACTS ABOUT DRAGONFLY : 1. Dragonflies have large compound eyes with about 30,000 lenses to to see in all directions. 2. They have[…]

WeavAnt Macrobeing 2

The Weaver Ant

Why the name : Unlike common ants, Weaver ants make their nests by stitching leaves. They are also refered as Tailor Ants. This is a[…]


About Macrobeing

MY STORY : Couple of months ago, I have realized that there is a beautiful world lying around us waiting to be discovered. As I fell in love[…]

PW Grasshopper Macrobeing 2

The Pallid winged Grasshopper

4 STRIKING FACTS ABOUT PALLID WINGED GRASSHOPPER : 1. Pallid-winged Grasshoppers (Trimerotropis pallidipennis) are camouflage specialist that blend in with gravel backgrounds. 2. They have[…]

Macrobeing - Turtle1

The Painted Turtle

    Painted turtle skin is olive to black with red, orange, or yellow stripes on its extremities. They live in slow-moving fresh waters. Turtles have[…]


The Snail

Snail’s body covered with thick slime, help to crawl across the edge of a razor and not get hurt. They have longer tentacles with eyes[…]

Macrobeing - Ant Larva

The Ant

Ants display many social behaviors that reminds us of our society. They live in colonies comprised of one or more queens and many workers. Queen’s[…]


The Spider

Spiders are eight-legged predatory creatures. They have organs to spin silk at the back end of their body. This silk is made of tough strands[…]

Macrobeing - Bug on leaf

The Jewel Bug

Jewel bug is a family of true bugs. They are also known as metallic shield bugs due to their often brilliant coloration. The jewel bug[…]

Macrobeing - Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs Hermit means living alone. Unlike lobsters and crabs, Hermit crabs have no shell of its own and they inhabit discarded shells. As the[…]